Sunday, May 02, 2010

Good boy, here's your cookie!

What a year!
Work, work and work.. and no time to blog properly. Maybe that's what happens when you get too involved in what you're doing. The result, you ask? Have a good look below!

Yes sir, that's right! You're looking at the blog of the Associate of the Year for the year 2009!
 As always, the last two quarters in the year 2009 were the most hectic and tiring months of the year. It was during this time that our latest major project was under construction, under the careful scrutiny of our efficient team. Timings were odd, sleep was scarce and nightmares of problems unknown haunted our sleep. Fortunately, none of these nightmares found their way into the realm of the living.

After all that has been said and done, it was time to look back and see what we had achieved. So we did. And so did our management. And here's the result. An award, which my whole team deserves, but I got in everyone's place. Thanks everyone!

Edit: And yeah, thanks for reminding.. I got a promotion too! :)