Tuesday, April 28, 2009

I already made the choice - Now I am trying to understand it


Chin-kun [12:51 PM]:

The choice is already made

now I need to understand why I made that choice

Toyoyo [12:51 PM]:

 What if you understand that your choice was wrong? Can you change your choice?

Chin-kun [12:51 PM]:

The choice can never be wrong or right

its just a path

how we understand it can be right or wrong

Toyoyo [12:51 PM]:


 Thats the most preposterous thing I've heard today. :)

Chin-kun [12:52 PM]:



Toyoyo [12:52 PM]:

 Because if you already made your choice, then why do you need to understand it if you can't change it anyway?

Chin-kun [12:53 PM]:

 hmm.. well you need to understand why you made that choice. dont you

 thats when u will execute it

Toyoyo [12:53 PM]:

 What if I don't try to understand?

Chin-kun [12:53 PM]:

 You will have to eventually

 even if you dont try to

Toyoyo [12:54 PM]:

 What if I am absolutely adamant?

Chin-kun [12:54 PM]:

 You cant be.. you have already made a choice that you want to understand it

Toyoyo [12:54 PM]:


Chin-kun [12:54 PM]:

 nee moham

 its as clear as u want it be

 again the choice is made.. you have to understand why you made it

 here also.. you made a choice not to try to understand the concept

 now why you have made it.. because you dont want to believe it

Toyoyo [12:55 PM]:

 So life is all about trying to understand why we are living, rather than living itself?

Chin-kun [12:55 PM]:

 as if sans the so called rational path which you are accustomed to

 thats what you have been doing since pat 24 yrs right?


 trying to reason out and understand why things happen the way they happen

Toyoyo [12:56 PM]:

 Then what about Neo's statement about fate? That he likes to make his own future?

 Does that mean you have no say in what happens to you?

 You cannot influence your life in any way?

Chin-kun [12:57 PM]:


 it dosnt


 its the choice you make

 no one else makes it

 only that you make it before you actually think you do

Toyoyo [12:57 PM]:

 Then you're just a puppet dancing on a stage.. with no idea what you are doing and why you are doing it..

Chin-kun [12:58 PM]:

 every action leads to another action

 every choice leads to another choice

Toyoyo [12:58 PM]:

 A choice which you have no idea you made, but you apparently made it anyway.

 Which can mean that you didn't make the choice, you were made to make that choice.

Chin-kun [12:59 PM]:


 you make choices..

 and u only make them

Toyoyo [12:59 PM]:

 If I did have that power, why can't I change my choice?

Chin-kun [12:59 PM]:

 how can u undo past?

 u have already made a choice.. its over

 how can u undo it?

Toyoyo [1:00 PM]:

 What use is there in making a choice without understanding it before making it?

Chin-kun [1:00 PM]:

 thats the beauty of life!

 thats where uncertainity and godliness is thrown in

 if u knew all ur future..

 whats the whole purpose

 you have already made your choices..

 when time comes u just try to understand them

Toyoyo [1:01 PM]:

 I dont say I want to know my future. I only say I want to be able to make the path that leads to it.

Chin-kun [1:01 PM]:

 Today coming to office or not

 is not something which u decided today

Toyoyo [1:01 PM]:

 And to make that choice in all consciousness

Chin-kun [1:02 PM]:

 its already decided earlier

 looks at it this way

 your coming today to office has n number of external reasons..

 + internal reasons

 same goes for not coming

 have all the reasons come now?


 they started probably a day ago, a week ago, a decade ago or a century ago

 so the choice of u going to office or not has been made earlier..

 by u

 but now u understand them.. thats all

Toyoyo [1:05 PM]:

 Simply putting, life is a sequence of choices we don't understand until after we make them, which influence what choices we will have to make in the future, which we don't understand either. In other words, you are living in a world where nothing happens as you want it to happen, at least not because you want it. If something does happen as you wanted it, its because you chose unknowingly a path which lead to that outcome, which is pure chance.

Chin-kun [1:11 PM]:


 Sivagna lenidhe chima aina kadaladhu ani

 uttiga anale

 but twist in the story happen

 if u make a right choice now.. that is follow the path of righteousness.. you will end up with the correct path

Toyoyo [1:13 PM]:

 Ok, now, make the choice.. are we having lunch or not?

Chin-kun [1:13 PM]:

 We already made that choice..

 we now have to understand why we made it