Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Something Fishy?

I don't know why I am downloading stuff without the need for it. Maybe its because I have unlimited Internet. And why do I have unlimited internet? Not that I need it. I would do just fine with a limited connection. Its just because I can have unlimited.

Why do humans have this tendency, this craving for things beyond their reach? We have a thing which will satisfy our needs. Why then do we go buy something that we would have been better off without? As I said, its because we can. We have the means to buy things. We have the mobility and the spending power.

When was the last time we went to a grocer and asked just for the things we need and came back home satisfied? We have super (and hyper) markets where there are tons of things on display, which we look at and feel, “maybe I should buy this”. Its good in a way, we might see something we never knew existed before, which might be helpful to us. But that is a one in ten cases scenario.

Dad and I walked into a new shop selling vegetables near our house. I say “walked into” because the place is as big as a supermarket, and sells as much stuff. Its owned and run by one of the biggest business conglomerates of the country and lives up to the name, unlike some other similar establishments. Looking at the quality of the vegetables and fruits there, we thought it wouldn't hurt to spend a little more on these, because they were of a much better quality than what you get out in the market. And why not? The store is air conditioned, the goods are fresh and of good quality, and most of all, its a stone's throw away from home. Well, you would need an exceedingly good arm to throw something that far, but I think you get the point.

Anything for a better life, eh?

By the way, if you're wondering what that picture is, thats the lake behind our office. Its called Durgam Cheruvu or Secret Lake. See a small hut like structure there in the corner? It used to be a restaurant. Now its submerged in water, thanks to the heavy rainfall this year. Now the restaurant lives up to its name: Something Fishy!