Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Ramble #101

It's old news now, but I did top the batch in that test.

Its old news that Upen bhai left the team too, but not without making us promise not to lose the spirit we've had all along. Reinforcing that with a spicy lunch buffet the day before leaving was even more effective! Namaste anna!

Father writes something everyday. I don't know where he gets the patience or the ideas. Ask me to write something once a month and I scratch my head thinking of things I have done, things I could have done, things to do... and none of it makes through in the end. All I come up with is meaningless chatter.

People are in a state of gloom all over the place. The market keeps falling. Spirits keep falling. Bugs keep coming in, and fixes keep going out. Well, maybe they aren't so gloomy after all, they don't have the time for it. The team beside me, for example, keep working even when I am getting bored with nothing to do. Take a break, Chennai!

I wait for Jassi paaji to get off the phone so we can talk a bit about things that matter and things that don't. It just feels good to talk. If only there was a purpose to it. But is it better if there wasn't?

Meeting the SLA these days proves a tough task. Even if the other party tries their best to spare time for support, they simply don't have enough. Well, Chin-kun.. I don't blame you. You're an important person.

People come back home, but not from the place I would like them to come back home from. Why should they? Should I return what is not mine? Should I wait for the right ship (plane) to land here?

A lot of unusual talk, rambling, as the title suggests. Just to vent the steam. Explanations may follow. Don't count on it.