Tuesday, September 09, 2008

Time check!

Did I just miss something? How long has it been since my last post here? 11 months? Wow.

Remember that something I was talking about? The something big that might be coming my way? It came and went. Unlike anything I've ever seen in my life. The biggest challenge I have ever faced till now. And now its live. People logging into our client's website will be seeing and experiencing the results of all the hard work we put in these last eight months. I hadn't realized this last year. It was actually my first live project for such a well known and prestigious client. Back then, I was so busy trying to complete my project that I didn't understand how and why we were doing it.

It all began with a "small" set of requirements for enhancements in an existing application, sometime in late November. Bala was asked to travel, and he refused. And later he agreed. So did Surya. Two of the best people in our team vanished for the next eight months. Of course, we could talk to them for a couple of minutes (hours?) everyday, but was that the same as their being in our midst and sharing our jokes like they used to? They were only voices from the VOId. It became a habit for us to encroach upon their sleeping hours to pester them about project work. Well, things became routine after that.

Lets not talk about projects here any more. They go on and on. It will just suffice to say that this project, like no doubt any others that I may work on in the future, had its unique points. Every project always has something we can learn from. This one showered us with such situations. There were times I wished I could run away from it all, and there were times when I wished I could have that feeling of achievement forever. We made some friends and some not-so-friendly acquaintances on the way. Just when you think its all done and try to take a breath of fresh air, a gust of wind blows your way, bringing with it new problems. Well, thats how it always is, I guess. I still have a lot to learn, and a lot of places to go. For now, the project is done with.

Meanwhile, something amazing happened. Let me first tell you that these events are in no way sequentially ordered in time. I write them as they come to my mind. And that mind of mine has a mind of its own. As I said, something amazing happened. I was asked to learn Japanese. Well, not exactly, but I nominated myself for the course in response for an invitation. Anyone who knows me for the last couple of years will very well know that Japanese is my latest "thing". The language had fascinated me ever since I started watching anime. (Shravan-kun.. you know what i'm talking about, don't you? :) ) .

Anyway, for the last three months, I have been trying to understand what things are, ranging from hon to hatsuon, from bento to nihontou. I have been traveling to office on my bike (yes, I bought one last year, if you don't already know), and have recently made it a habit to listen to Japanese podcasts on the way to office. Thanks to Sensei, the podcasts and anime, I can speak a little Japanese, understand quite a bit (although I would attribute this ability to my continued anime watching habit) and read and write just a wee bit of Japanese. The only thing I feel shortage of, is that of people to practice my new found skills with. Someone to ask me new things and help me whenever I feel like it. Dare ka, benkyou ni tetsudatte kudasai! (Somebody please help me with my studies!) :)

This week is the last week of our course. Tomorrow we have the final test. Time to prove my absolute dominance in the class. Time to overstep all barriers and enter a new world. Time to.. er.. sleep. You see, I need to get up early to leave in time for the class. So, I leave this story half finished, this chronicle half told. I will come back and tell the rest!