Tuesday, October 09, 2007

Life, blocked.

I spend most of the day at work. I'm too tired to do anything when I go home. Whatever is to be done is done in a hurry, or pushed to the weekend. So basically I'm living life in the weekend. Or am I? Whatever.

I have no time to read a novel. No time to listen to music. (I try to do it after going home, but my sis is, ahem, studying so its a no-go.) What is this? The only thing left is for me to be bound and gagged! Wow... I wonder if that's going to happen. I know I'm complaining. But to whom? Who is it that reads my blog and understands what I'm going through? A lot of people I guess. I doubt if I know any of them. And if any of them even cares. Heck, forget it, I'm just being silly.

I actually enjoy working here. Its only the times when I get stuck with some really stupid work that I think of leaving this job and joining some college as a lecturer. When the work is challenging, and not just a stupid log capture, I feel great to be working on the problem. Work was like that for the last couple of months. We had a new project and we worked our a$ off for three months. I wasn't really happy with the work I was doing. The usual problems of miscommunication between the time zones. And I was not experienced either. There are a lot of things I learnt during the course of this project. I should thank my team mates for that. Especially Bala bhai.

At the end of the whole thing, someone asked me about my level of job satisfaction. I didn't say immediately. They didn't let me complete my answer. You know how it is with the management. They ask you something, and if they get a hint that your answer might be embarrassing for them, they cut you short. I just told them that it was a good learning experience for me. Diplomatic, you might say.

And now for the paradox. Its a known fact that the traffic in this city is going to the dogs. You would expect anyone coming to office on his bike to be delayed by the traffic. Compared to coming by train that is. And yes, it was the case for most of the time. I traveled with RC for a few days on his bike. The pollution and the time taken for the drive almost killed me. No Harsh, I did not get any strokes of asthma. I switched back to the train. The result? RC starts from office around the time I reach Hitec City station, and reaches office before me. WTH? Makes me want to pick up my bike from tomorrow and come directly to office instead of hanging in that overcrowded train. I can't believe I used to find a seat on the train almost everyday. I read so many books on the way to office and back. Now its just impossible.

That reminds me... it's been an year since I began working here. One whole year. And what did I achieve? Won a Harry Potter quiz. Maybe thats the only noteworthy thing I did. I should start listening to Harsh. Hey... start with the advise already!

Aah... these are a few of the days I take the weight off my head and relax. This state won't last long though. I'd get bored if I didn't do anything either. Looks like we have something relatively big coming our way soon. Looking forward to that. Ciao.

Disclaimer: All views expressed in this post are my own and do not reflect the opinion of my company and all such crap. :P