Monday, January 08, 2007

My first New Year *not* as a student!

After a long time, we meet again.
I just realized this is my first post in the brand new year of 2007. Yay!

The new year was quite eventful, considering we hadn't planned anything. Just on the morning of Dec 31st, the ladies in our building decide we need to have a party. So we had one. Nothing special. Home cooked food, and a cake. Ah, yes! Leftover crackers from Diwali.

All these days I was there, you were there. But we never met. What a shame.
Sars accuses me of not meeting the guys regularly. As if he does. Now that he is also *free* like I am, he should have more time on hand. Never mind. I accept. I didn't come to meet the guys every weekend. Poor Harsh calls me up every week. Every week, it is either too late or i'm not at home.

So yesterday, when Kunal bhai, Bhave, Sars, Kishen and I met at Kishen's place it was after a long time that we all met. Me included. The only one missing was W.

Speaking of W, he gave me quite a shock recently. Of all the people in the world, he bought an Apache! Looks like I have to go back to the drawing board. I haven't been able to decide on which bike to buy. That is just one of the reasons I didn't buy one yet.

Anyway, getting back to the topic of us meeting yesterday, Kunal wanted the college videos so I made him a copy on Kishen's system. Harsh wanted to test his new DVD drive on his new laptop... and he flicked my original DVD. God knows when i'll be getting that back.

By the way, we called up Shravan yesterday from a nearby Net2Phone center. He seems quite well. Seems Maanas paid him a visit for New Year. He wasn't awake yet when we tried to call him though.

Pavan is coming to Hyderabad this weekend. There is simply no way he would miss Sankranthi and kites! He might even go to the length of using up his remaining leave to come and fly kites. The "pichi patang" from last year has us all looking forward to it too... it was a tremendously hilarious and entertaining exercise!

Okay then, lets get back to reality. I have a session to attend now and I can't let my attention wander around for long. Heres to a fun-filled and brilliant Sankranthi.

And to all whom I haven't wished yet, HAPPY NEW YEAR!!

Kunal bhai: Kya hai yaro tum!
Harsh: Itteech re hamari dosti!