Friday, September 29, 2006

Bye bye!!

Hey, dont get the wrong idea! I'm not going anywhere. I am definitely not going to stop blogging either.

Its just that today is the last day of apparant freedom. Starting next week, we will be subject to "intensive classroom training", or thats what they say. Well, whatever! I am going to be a Java professional in a few months' time. Big deal. I'm going to be the same. I realize whatever paint you coat me with, I will be the same person I was. I may change in ways, for the better.. Not for the worse.

In the last few months, especially in the holidays, I have isolated myself with all humanity. Well, at least the humanity consisting of our friends. Most of them are too busy to spare time for the things we used to do. Maybe I was just being a snob and forgetting them all. For that, I ask for forgiveness from all of you guys (Hey, I'm talking to you!!). I have been a snob. I did not sort my priorities right. (Accept my apology. Comment?)

I just realized thatI have been missing a great thing for a long time. Staying in Hyderabad, I had never once used the MMTS service before I joined at Cognizant. Well, maybe just once... just before joining. That's what gave me the idea of coming here by MMTS everyday. Its a great way to travel, and I mean it. Much better than travelling in crammed busses sweating profusely even in the middle of winter. If you haven't tried it, I suggest you do. Not that you may find it very useful if you don't travel in those routes. But just try it. There I go with the sales talk again.

Forget it. Now just dont forget to comment. COMMENT!! I've been living in silence. I didnt talk, nobody else talked. Please let me hear voices again!!!

Wednesday, September 13, 2006

Will I be the same?

That is the question that has been haunting me for the past few days. Will I be the same? The same old bungling fool who used to amble around the college campus aimlessly with a bunch of guys? The "bunch" is long dispersed... seperated by geographical boundaries and time zones. But we still remain a bunch. One can no longer see the same old faces around, except on very rare occasions. Even then the number is quite diminished. Most of us are now surrounded by new faces, new challenges, new responsibilities. It seems I am the last one to join the race, but even my time is not far off. Lets hope for the best... and see what happens!