Thursday, March 30, 2006

Visual (Hallucination) Programming?

This must be the first time when I was thouroughly unprepared for the Lab internal exam. It seems that baldy jabroni sent W out because *ahem* HE was late to the lab. What a lunatic.

Let me tell you what happened today.
I got up late. Yes, 7:30 am is late for me. I usually catch a bus at 8:00. Don't even ask about Kishen though. Around the time I catch a bus, he will be brushing his teeth. Truly the real life counterpart of Shikamaru.
Then I rushed through my routine and rushed to Kishen's house, where I was expecting him to be ready to leave. It was late, OK, and there is a lab exam to attend. The biggest reason was Jabroni. A real Jabroni. I was afraid he would kick us out of the lab today, just like he did Vamshi yesterday. But no one at Kishen's house was in a hurry. They were coolly playing with the computer (I should say, one of the most disorganized ones I have ever seen, outside of CBIT)! Slowly we started and got photocopies of the record which Maanas printed out. Ide pedda jokamma. He wanted records to be completed by everyone individually, and we were submitting Xerox copies. We have some nerve, don't you think??

And then we got to college in that *Crimson Cruiser* of ours. No prizes for guessing what we found when we got into the lab. Jabroni was absconding again!! Man, he made my blood boil. After breaking my head over a program I had never seen before, I ultimately succeeded in running it. Arun, Maanas and Vamshi were getting some weird errors, though. Then, at the last moment, trumpets sound in the distance... hes appeared at last!! Maanas, clueless, asked him how to rectify his problem, for which he gave such a jabroni of a solution, leave aside Maanas, even he was confused. Poor chap. Doesn't have control over his mouth.

And just as we were about to write our programs down on paper, the jabroni does something to the power supply. I dont know if he did anything on purpose, but it looked like the power went off every time he said something a little too jabronical.

What tickles me the most is that even though six of us submitted exactly the same record... copies of it that is, he had no clue! How can anyone be such a jabroni, I don't know. And the viva was literally a joke. Two questions even a baby could have answerd. The end. Lab exam finished. The one I was so worried about.

What W said is right. The Jabroni will get his due someday, with interest. Rest assured. We'll see to it.

Friday, March 24, 2006

5 Things You May Not Know...

A rolling blog gathers a lot of junk. I was tagged by tHeSiD, and the result is this list of some stupid things you may not know, and are better off not knowing, probably. If you still want to stuff some junk in your head, then I can't help it. Read on.

5 things you may not know about where I live:
  • I live in a building which I don't remember seeing when I first visited the house on the other side of the road three years ago. (That's because this building was built only an year ago :P).
  • When I moved here I got closer to a lot of of school friends and got farther away from a few of my college friends.
  • Yeah, I got closer to my school too! But it's been a long time since I visited it.
  • This colony is very calm and peaceful compared to where I used to live earlier. Hope it stays that way.
  • The elevator in our building is sooo slow, Harsh almost fell asleep trying to come to the fifth floor!
5 things you may not know about my personality:
  • I used be an introvert. Oops! Did I say that? Looks like I'm not so much of one any more!
  • I used to sleep during the night and stay awake during the day. I guess sleep decided to change shifts :P.
  • I'm not as innocent as you think I am. (Do you seriously think I am innocent?)
  • I love walking long distances. Only when I'm a good mood. If I'm in a bad mood, I might get lost walking!
  • I love driving at night. My mom hates it when I do that.
5 things you may not know I would really like to have:
  • A state-of-the-art digital camera. I love photography, but my camera is broken!
  • A 5.1 surround home theatre system. My dad has been postponing it for more than three years now!
  • An iPod. No Naruto, not a Nano... a video iPod with a minimum of 40 GB storage space.
  • An internet connection that costs nothing. I know... it's impossible.
  • A computer with a dual core processor and the latest and best hardware. I'm a geek.
5 things you may not know that I really hate:
  • All TV serials! Except cartoons ;)
  • Vendors shouting their heads off in front of my house.
  • Waiting for my system to boot.
  • Dip-Dip's rear tyre.
  • Britney Spears. Ugh!
5 embarrassing fannish admissions:
  • Japanese anime series Naruto and Kenshin!
  • Sherlock Holmes. I've read all of the books.
  • Rajnikanth movies
  • Dexter's Laboratory
  • Harry Potter. The books, not the movies. The movies suck.
I hereby declare that I wasted an hour of my time thinking of what to write in this post.
I hope you all can do better, Vamshi, Harsh, and Maanas. I'll tag you three.

A Long Expected Party

What the hell?? It's my birthday party and everyone gets to post before me! Well, it's my fault, really. I was waiting for Kishen to send me the photos so that I can put them up here.

Can there be an evening (and a night) filled with more fun than what we had yesterday? Sounds rather philosophical, but I'd say "No Chance"!! Yeah, it was quite unorganized... I should have booked a table earlier at the restaurant, but we had fun waiting anyway!

Poor Arun wanted to be back home by 10 pm. Too bad dinner wasn't served until half-past ten. That's one more reason for his dad to be angry at me (the first one being undisclosed ;) ). I hope you did not have to face his wrath when you got back Arun!

Just when I thought the night had come to an end, I found out the story had just begun. Unfortunately, I am the friend of probably the only Microsoft employee who can't (or doesn't like to) use Microsoft Powerpoint. That meant more sleepless hours for me. Thank God my seminar wasn't today, or else I would have missed it.

This wasn't exactly what I wanted to write, but since the topic was already dealt with in much detail here and here and also here, I might as well wrap it up showing the photos of the evening. Night. Whatever.

Thursday, March 16, 2006

Colourful personalities

It was the day of colours... and I was feeling blue. I was just sitting down to see if I could spot anyone logged on to the Matrix (Y! Msgr that is), when I heard the intercom buzz. I was surprised to hear Bhave's voice on the intercom... how was it that he came unannounced like that? So unlike Bhave, I thought. It was when I stepped into the balcony that I realized the full implications of the unusual call. There were five very oddly coloured people staring at me. It took me half a minute to recognize them as Bhave, Pavan, Harsh, Kunal and Santosh (alright... Sars, if you cant recognize the name :P)! Thus began a day filled with colour and fun.

Phew... I should try writing short stories in that style! In short, we went from my house to Kishen's house. He took 10 minutes to desend the stairs, and had to be persuaded to join in the revelry. When he was all colourful like us, we decided to pay Shravan a visit. It seems the guys already tried his house, but he was hiding from them!! We just caught him trying to give us the slip and then the real fun began. Buckets of coloured water flying in every direction... it was wonderful! However... for further details... just see these photographs. They more or less sum up what I was trying to describe in words.

Sunday, March 05, 2006

Last days of our college life

We seem to be enjoying the last days of our college life... I don't remember even one day in this semester any of us really studied like we did till the last one. Just like my father said, all we seem to be doing is watch movies, watch cartoons, play cricket, go to Microsoft (Oh no, there I go again!)... and snap an awful lot of photographs!

Seriously... in the past I used to wonder how to get a photograph of us on the computer. Now I have hundreds of them, and they keep coming in! Hurray to Kishen's and Shravan's Digital Cameras!! It felt kinda strange today when I went to a photo studio to get my picture taken. And there too... the guy says no negatives, only digital prints! What is this world coming to?

Yeah, on the topic of Microsoft, the guys went there again yesterday... but I couldn't. I even burnt a whole litre of petrol to get Kunal bhai's bike from Lab Quarters, in the hope of going... but I couldn't (*swearing and hitting the desk angrily*)!! Seems the guys played all night long, and came back home today in the morning. Too bad I wasn't there. Obviously, I can't go into the details. That's for someone else to do... maybe Vamshi.

You guys'll like this, I think. When was the last time you turned on the internet and didn't know what to see? When was the last time you found a site you never knew existed? For me, maybe it was last week. That was until Mr Arun the Genius suggested the StumbleUpon toolbar. One click and you never know where you'll end up. Try it... it's free (I think this last para sounds more like an ad of some sort than a blog entry :P).

Wednesday, March 01, 2006

Microsoft Fever!!

Looks like whenever I post I have something to say about Microsoft. I seem to have the Microsoft Fever!!

Maybe that's because I've been going there often... three times to be exact. That's many times considering I don't work there, and don't even have anything to do there. It has become some sort of a playground for us! Imagine... one employee (shh! dont tell anyone, but even he's only an intern) bringing 6 visitors at once! And to do what? Play games!! It was fun, actually... people were beating each other silly in the old city, and we were sleeping in the lawn after having had our fill of games and cool drinks.

Vamshi's birthday started off as he arrived at the crossroads of his life (actually crossroads at Gachibowli). We could have celebrated... but there was no food at MS (they seem to think everyone fasts on a Saturday... did my Mom tell them or something??).

Yeah, and Headstart was the most boring event this time. It was so boring, even the organizers (me and Kishen) did not go there on the second day! We took some cool photos on the first day, though. Wanna see?? Here, see them.